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Websites, Social Media, Shopping Carts:

Have you been having trouble keeping up with the maintenance, changes and updates to keep your website? Maybe your ‘best friend’s cousin’s uncle who dabbles in web design has promised to help but doesn’t really have the time  you need to move forward.

Would you like to get your ezines set up on autopilot?  

I can assist you in Internet and Web Management:

  • Shopping cart maintenance
  • Assist in Web maintenance

Offering your clients and potential clients solutions, ideas and foresight is one of the best ways to develop trust and form long-term relationships:

For example, one way to do that is to educate your clients.  People love to learn new things and love to be helped.  You can offer your clients a free class, or a series of classes at a discounted rate to reward them for their loyalty. This helps establish trust and credibility; continuous contact and providing valuable information keeps the bond secure and fresh. Offering educational seminars is a smart way to spread the news about your services, and it’s an awesome way to reach potential clients!

Don’t know how to begin? 

Do you want to host a seminar or educational event?  Do you have a lot to offer your clients professionally and personally?  Do you need help getting started?  I’ve got your back! Let me help you help your clients.  

I can:

  • Schedule offline seminars & online seminars (webinars)
  • Conference Calls
  • Broadcasts & news announcements
  • Client Care
  • Manage Your Member List


Administrative Assistance
Internet Marketing
Social Media

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