How It Works

“A Virtual Assistant is a highly trained and skilled professional who, as a support and 

growth partner to entrepreneurs, business owners, and busy people, provides

high level, long-term collaborative administrative and personal assistnace 

without having to be physically present in the client’s office.”


By now you’ve explored my site and hopefully learned that my heart is the driving force in my life and my work.  And if you haven’t met me on my “Meet Susan” page, then hop on over when you have a minute and allow me to introduce myself!   I always give my 100%     Being in a partnership and playing an integral part in your business is something I really want to do! Your success is my success!  Because of these ideals I only work in long-term collaborative relationships.  This means we are both committed to work with each other for the long haul and for the bigger picture. 

Being in a virtual partnership requires a bit of finesse, trust, open-mindedness and quality communication with one another.  So, I’ve created a 3-step process that will make the decision-making process easy  for the both of us.

  1. We will schedule a 15-20 minute preliminary phone call.  The purpose of the call is to get a little acquainted, hear each other’s voices, and get a sense for each other.  See if there’s a spark!—or interest to go further.  If together we both decide to go to the next step, then we will schedule a second phone call.
  2. This call will take usually 30 minutes.  At this appointment we will discuss the real “nuts and bolts” of your business and mine.  For example, your needs, our hours, what we both expect from the relationship, boundaries and fees (to name a few).  At the end of the call if we mutually decide to move to the next step, we will schedule the third appointment.
  3. This call will usually take 30-45 minutes, and is for deeper discussion topics where we will find out if we are a solid match for a successful partnership.

At any point of the process, if either of us feels that we are not a great fit for each other, then we will end the process and move on.  If that’s the case, I may be able to offer you some other suggestions.








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