Meet Susan

‘your virtual partner for success’

Welcome. A little about me...

My desire to assist people started in high school while working in retail. Years later I was a  Sales Consultant and Educator for two beauty industry leaders, Helene Curtis and Clairol Professional.  I contributed to my accounts’ sales growth and marketing through education and support.  I was responsible for technical support for many premiere salons and schools.   I reached broad Chicago markets doing seminars for  small and large-scale audiences.  I’m passionate about educating and supporting others towards their successes!   I then channeled that passion into opening my own salon where I was able to return to giving personalized, one-on-one attention to my clients. I was privileged to serve my Church and  community  for several years in various capacities.  Wherever my feet landed, it was service support-oriented!

Later, I took my zeal to a more serious level, and embraced working as an administrative assistant at a non-profit associationDuring my time there, my work became my passion. I embraced the cause wholly, realizing that we are all morally accountable and responsible for each other. And speaking for what is right and stepping up to protect those that are vulnerable is not only a duty of the individual but of the community and of the world.   My eyes were awakened by the shortcomings of humanity, but also inspired by the strength and compassion of philanthropic hearts.  

My most recent years were spent working at a prominent counseling center as an administrative assistant. There, I nurtured a personal love for assisting those in need on a profound level.  It’s there that my heart matured, and there that I decided I would continue to work with counselors, coaches/speakers and authors.  Clear and defined, the next obvious step for me was to become a virtual assistant.  As a virtual assistant I’m able to reach and help even more people on a exciting new level! Even if your business is not in my chosen niche, and you are interested in collaboration, please contact me.  I would love to talk to you and explore a new field of business!  I embrace new experiences and I am a life-long learner!

Now, on to the nitty gritty:

I am a graduate of AssistU, the premier leader of virtual assistance schools.  In a pursuit to offer you the best services possible in this ever-changing virtual world, I take continuing education classes frequently, and seek various industry certifications when I can.  Such as VA Classroom ‘s Fantastic Facebook Pages and Project Management; and I am certified in the E-commerce Program through Hot Skills VA Training Institute


“I learned years ago that the path God carved out for me was one of service. What better way to fulfill that, than by helping those who help others? It’s that simple.”  


Email:  Susan [at] susantulini [dot] com

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